Business fields

MeDiEm S.A. offers services in a variety of business areas

  • Health care
  • Private placement programmes & PPP trade
  • Mining
  • Commodity trade
  • PPE trading
  • Global Investment Banking
  • Real estate, factories, hospitals
  • Information Services
  • International banking and finance
  • Strategic Risk Management
  • Physical Security
  • Consulting, Financial Services
  • Corporate Intelligence
  • Humanitarian, philanthropic and charitable support

Production and trade

These are the fields in which we are active for you
  • Trading in physical products and futures: oil (crude oil, petrol and diesel), metals (copper, aluminium, steel, palladium, gold) and minerals (precious stones, diamonds, diamonds)
    • Credit extension for suppliers and buyers 
    • Effective risk management in terms of currency, credit and price
  • Health and hospital equipment: support for medical facilities, industry and the military 
    • Surgical mask, respirator and surgical masks FFP2
    • 3M masks, cranberry and cardinal nitrile gloves
    • Gowns, protective shields, disinfection
    • and much more



Counselling and support

This is where you can count on us

  • Global financial strategy business development in various industries
    • Transaction capabilities for various commodity businesses including PPE (government and private), precious metals and gems, institutional financial instruments, fuel/oil/gas)
    • Global implementation and monitoring of investment banking projects (GPI-downloaded off-ledger conversions, in-bank sender/receiver ledger transfers and returns)
    • Private placement programme (PPP) trading in mid-cap (EUR 25 to 125 million), large-cap (over EUR 125 million), super-large-cap (over EUR 1 billion) and ultra-large-cap (EUR 10 to 500 billion) investment platforms
  • Physical security
    • On-site security audits
    • Personal security audits
    • Technical systems
  • Corporate Intelligence
    • Due diligence
    • Investigations
    • market research
  • Information Security
    • Communication Systems
    • Computer network hardening
    • Information security policies
  • Asset recovery
  • Enforcement of foreign judgments
  • Asset tracing
  • Advice on civil and criminal disputes


Our projects and clients are located around the globe. One focus of our work is in the healthcare sector, where we have already worked for

health insurance companies,
hospital groups and 
care facilities

care facilities. We work for market leaders in the following areas, among others

automotive industry and 
heavy industry.

Our clients also include

public authorities and ministries
military institutions and
federal and international associations.